Toronto and Region Watersheds: Report Cards 2018


video, motion graphics


Filming/Editing/Motion Graphics: Enrique Guzman

Graphic Design: Sonja Kryszowaty


Toronto and Region Conservation Authority


These Report Cards complement The Living City Report Card. The key difference is the latter is a regional wide report, and the former reports on each of the watersheds within TRCA's jurisdiction. These include Carruthers Creek Watershed, Don River Watershed, Duffins Creek Watershed, Etobicoke Creek Watershed, Highland Creek Watershed, Humber River Watershed, Mimico Creek Watershed, Petticoat Creek Watershed, Rouge River Watershed and finally the Lake Ontario Waterfront.

In conjunctiion with the launch of the Report Cards, a video was also produced to promote the Report Cards. It was decided early on in the brief that the video would have a 1:1 ratio, since the platforms that would be targeted were Twitter and Facebook on mobile platforms.