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Logo: concept, design, production

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Zazeen TV


Zazeen IPTV Solutions was a small start-up looking to rebrand their logo and website from a very technical sounding name and look, to a more consumer focused brand. The acronym IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television Solutions, which is essentially delivering the medium of television using your internet connection. The advantage Zazeen had was in being able to deliver this service at a more affordable price than the regular cable tv service providers. With this in mind, and together with the client we developed the tagline More TV > For Less. I also advised to drop the IPTV from the name and just go with Zazeen. As far as the design of the logo itself, I decided to place it all in lowercase, giving it a more friendly look and feel. The client wanted to maintain the lime green as the main colour. However I discovered an issue with this colour. Because the client wanted to launch the logo and website at the same time, we found that using the lime green was too bright for screens. We decided to introduce a secondary colour that would be used throughout the website. Of note regarding the design brief for the website, was that it was to be responsive (viewable on mobile devices).

Zazeen TV remained independent for a number of years until it was bought by Distributel in 2017. Note: I did not design the new logo or website for Zazeen, which has since returned to a title case look, with the addition of the TV abbreviation.

zazeen tv web design

Computer and tablet mock-ups: Graphic Burger. Phone mock-up: Creativebooster