Toronto & Region Remedial Action Plan (Toronto RAP)


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Toronto and Region Conservation Authority


After 10 years, this identity has stood the test of time and successfully continues to be used in the present day for all the programs' communications. This includes their website:

Disclaimer: The concept, design and production of the TorontoRAP website was not done by Enrique Guzman or Un Lápiz.


Toronto & Region Remedial Action Plan (Toronto RAP) was initiated in 1987 to address areas of concern in the six watersheds managed by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA). Each of these watersheds has a major river that flows into Lake Ontario. From west to east the rivers are: Etobicoke/Mimico Creek, Humber River, Don River, Highland Creek, Rouge River and Petticoat Creek.

I designed a logo with a school of fish, representing each of the six rivers. With the re-introduction of brown trout, atlantic salmon and rainbow trout througout a number of the above named rivers, the logo is an appropiate representation of the revitalization taking place in these important bodies of water.