Iglesia Cristiana Oasis de Esperanza


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Iglesia Cristiana Oasis de Esperanza


The client was very happy with the deliverable, noting the significance of the hands holding water.


Iglesia Cristiana, Oasis de Esperanza (Oasis of Hope, Christian Church) is a recently formed church for the Latin community in Brampton, Ontario. It's not very common that I get a request to create a logo for a church. Working with a small budget, I decided to take on this unusual request.

With the only creative limitation that it look Christian, I approached it from a very pragmatic and sensical view. I wanted to avoid clichéd symbols such as the bible, or even an oasis in the desert. In the Christian belief, the healing with hands is a very important aspect of its teaching. And so with that, I designed a logo with hands cupped together holding water, as if drinking from a well or oasis.