Carolina Quilts


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Carolina Quilts


The owner is happy and most proud that the first letter from her name creates and personalizes the logo, giving her work an authentic and quality feel.


Carolina Quilts is a one person entrepreneurial business. It is a made-to-order quilt shop. There are numerous amounts of quilt businesses, however most have similar visual elements which do not distinguish one from the other. The owner of Carolina Quilts was looking for a unique logo. One that would distinguish her product and business from the other mainstream quilt shops.

Despite the apparent challenge of not designing something that looked similar to other quilt businesses, the solution presented itself. Since there are not many instances where the letter Q is a standalone mark of identity, I chose to focus on making it the main design element. I stylized the Q, with one half using the owner's first letter from her name, making this logo very personal and unique to the owner. The other half consists of a common sewing motion ending in a loop. I chose a font that would reflect the look of the Q without drawing attention away from it. With its simple and distinguishable look, the logo is easily applicable to fabric labels.