TESL Ontario 2019/20 Annual Report


design, print, corporate communications, annual report


Creative Direction


Teachers of English as a Second Language (TESL) Ontario


For the 2nd year in a row, TESL Ontario commissioned Un Lápiz to design and produce their annual report. With a personal commitment from me to deliver a fresh, creative approach to every yearly report, TESL Ontario continues to work with Un Lápiz for their marketing communication needs. Un Lápiz is humbled, and extremely thankful to TESL Ontario for their continued trust and confidence.


With another new creative approach to this year's annual report, the theme of togetherness brought out the idea of the circle, and it went from there.

Rather than using a perfect geometric circle, a playful and lose version of it was used instead. A circle similar to what teachers would draw on a chalkboard. This approach prevented the report from looking too structured, and also provides a welcome contrast to the blocks of copy. Using TESL Ontario's brand identity colours, differing sizes and scale of the circle were used throughout, further providing a visual rhythm. As the report is very dense with copy, the cirlces are used as frames to fill them in with images, further providing connection points for the reader.